A broach is a long multi-tooth cutting tool with successively deeper cuts. The broaching process is used to machine internal and external surfaces such as holes of circular, square, or irregular shapes, keyways and teeth of internal gears. Each tooth removes a predetermined amount of material in a predetermined location.  Broaching is used to machine internal and external surfaces, such as holes, keyways, and teeth of internal gears.

We manufacture standard and custom involute, parallel, straight, serration spline, square, helical, keyway, etc broaches which are available in dia. 8mm to 225mm and length  2000 mm. They are made from imported high-speed steel M2, M35, M42, ASP2030, ASP2052, etc. We follow international standards in broaching like, DIN 5480,5481,5482, HES, JIS, ANSI, etc. We also manufacture broaches that are of only spline, interspace, and combination types to maintain the accuracy of the component as per the requirements of the customer.

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