Welcome to Maheen Broaches

Maheen Broaches has been designing and manufacturing precision broaches and Broaching Machines for more than three decades now, recognized all over the nation for quality, durability, and engineering detail. We are the most sought after supplier of all types of broaches, standard and customized broaching machines, gauges, mandrels, drifts, reamers, cutters, broaching pullers and retrievers, component holding fixtures in the nation as well as abroad, offering services  to a wide variety of businesses. Our record of design ingenuity, fast delivery, and courteous follow-up is unsurpassed.

Our Products

Today's broaching process is a cost - effective one pass alternative to reaming, milling, or shaping which joins CNC state-of-the-art technologies with the time-honored craft or broaching as it has evolved over the past century and a half. consider these advantages of manufacturing with broaching technology.

Product Range

Broaching Machine

  • Push Type Hydraulic Broaching Machine
  • Pull Type Hydraulic Horizontal Broaching Machine
  • Vertical Hydraulic Broaching Machine
  • Surface/ external Broaching Machine
  • Broach sharpening Machine
  • For Round Broach
  • For Flat Broach


  • Involute Spline Gauges (Go/ no go gauges)
  • Straight Spline Gauges (Go/ no go gauges)
  • Straight Serration Gauges (Go/ no go gauges)
  • Special Profile Gauges (Go/ no go gauges)
  • Plug gauges(Go/ no go gauges)


  • Taper Hobbing Mandrels
  • Taper Mandrels
  • Inspections Mandrels Wrt flank
  • Inspections Mandrels Wrt flank Diameter
  • Taper Grinding Mandrels


  • Internal Broaches
  • Surface/External Broaches
  • Keyway Broaches
  • Standard Broaches


  • Shell Reamers
  • H.S.S machine Reamer
  • P/S & T/S Socket Reamer
  • Machine Bridge Reamers

Drift & Die-Punch

  • Push Type serration Drifts
  • Push Type spline Drifts
  • Involute spline Dye Punch
  • Straight Serration Spline Die Punch

Milling Cutters

  • P/S T-Slot Cutter
  • Woodruff cutter
  • Dovetail Cutter
  • Angle Cutter

Pullers & Retrievers

Turnkey Projects

Our Strengths

  • An ISO certified organization.
  • We provide broaching service to our customers to improve their production levels with inhouse production broaching.
  • The electrohydro designing in our machines are powerful and user friendly giving you the strength and convenience at the same time.
  • Our ingenious designs of broaching machines helps reduce the floor space by 50%, without compromising on power or tonnage.
  • Skilled staff having experience of more than 30 years.


Our organization has established itself as a reliable and stable partner to renowned OEMs of many national and multinational companies.



We are committed to providing consistently high quality, high precision products to our customers.