These Machines are useful in small components, specially sheet metal components like brake lever arms, cycle cranks, free wheels etc. As these machines are small in size, hence the tool used is also small, resulting in reduced per piece cost of broaching process. Our Double Pillar Push Type Broaching Machines have fabricated steel frame which is normalized before machining. They have hardened ground and chrome plated guiding rods for an accurate alignment. We are a very sought after supplier of these Machines because of highly balanced, aligned, precise and accurate broaching results.


  • Machine Stroke – upto 20 inches
  • Broach Force – 1 to 3 tons
  • Cutting speed – Variable up to 5m/min.
  • Return speed – Variable up to 9m/min.
  • Coolant system – Coolant pump back compatible
  • Electrical system – Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi.
  • Lubrication system – Manual
  • Part fixture design – Manual/Auto Load
  • Machine height – Up to 6 feet

Optional Equipment

  • False plate
  • Machine Vibration Pad
  • Broaching Fixture
  • Broach
broaching machine