The keyway broach is one of the more common forms of internal broaches. A keyway broach cuts a slot in the bore of the workpiece and is supported by a fixture, referred to as a spigot, which locates where the keyway is to be cut. These bar shaped tools have progressively rising teeth that remove material from boreholes of gears ,pulleys and such automobile components to make precise keyways. We also manufacture Spigot that is fixed in the borehole of the component in which the broach is passed to maintain the depth and key thickness. We manufacture keyway broaches with both types having chamfer at the beginning with the key and separately on the rear side of the keyway broach. The maximum overall length of the keyway broach is 1600 mm. The offset of the key thickness is less than 10 microns. We manufacture Keyway Broaches using world grade material like HSS M2, M35, M42, ASP2030, ASP2052 etc.

In case of components having more depth of key, the broach is used in several passes with keyway shims to achieve the desired depth of key. We manufacture both standard and non standard type of keyway broaches. We have a specialization in manufacturing of full fillet keyway broaches.

full fillet keyway broach

Full Fillet Keyway Broaches

push type keyway broach

Push Type Keyway Broaches

pull type keyway broach

Pull Type Keyway Broaches