A mandrel is an accessory that is used for the inspection and machining or grinding of the broached component which requires reference of the broached location. face and Major Diameter Run Out. There are various types of Mandrels :
1.Inspection Mandrels
    a) Tapered w.r.t minor diameter of broached component.
    b) Tapered w.r.t major diameter of broached component.
    c) Tapered w.r.t P.C.D of Spline of broached component.
Inspection Mandrels are used to check the accuracy of broached components for face and major dia run out.

2. Hobbing and Grinding Mandrels

We design and manufacture round ,straight spline, serration and involute spline mandrels as per international standards like ANSI, SAE, DIN 5480, 5481, 5482, JIS, YES etc. and also as per customer requirements. H.S.S grade material is used for the manufacturing of mandrels.