Surface broaching, also known as external broaching, efficiently replaces milling processes to cut special profiles, serrations, rack, single or multiple grooves on an object’s surface. In theses machines broaching tools are attached to Machine Rams, which moves vertically downward against the component to be broached held by the hydraulic or mechanical fixture.
These Machines result in saving time, skill requirement, and reduces per piece production cost helpful in mass production of any component. In a single stroke rough and finishing operation is completed.


  • Machine Stroke – upto 50 inches
  • Broach Force – 5 to 20 tons
  • Broach tool type – surface broach
  • Cutting speed – Variable up to 8m/min.
  • Return speed – Variable up to 12m/min.
  • Hydraulic system – Up to 1000 L
  • Coolant system – Coolant pump back compatible
  • Electrical system – Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi.
  • Lubrication system – Automatic
  • Part fixture design – Manual/Auto Load
  • Machine height – Up to 12 feet

Optional Equipment

  • Loader Gauge System
  • False plate
  • Hydraulic Oil cooler
  • Machine Vibration Pad
  • PLC Control
  • Broaching Fixture
  • Broach
  • Part Auto Load System
  • Chip Conveyer
broaching machine