involute spline broach

Involute Spline Broach

Involute Spline Broaches are used to form splines with teeth of an involute form, rather than straight sides. It is a broach that cuts multiple keys in the form of internal involute gear teeth. They are manufactured as both push and pull type with a module range of M 0.5 to M 5, pressure angle of 14.5°, 20°, 25°, 30°, 37. 5°, 45°. They are manufactured as only spline, combination, interspace type with or without chamfer. The face run out of our broaches is less than 0.030 mm and the index error is less than 0.005 mm. We control the diameter between pins in 0.015 mm and maintain the super finish on minor dia, major dia and on the flank of the component.
We have a specialization in manufacturing Full Fillet involute broaches.